that night a monster


by Marzena Sowa & Berenika Kołomycka

On a normal morning, a boy named Thomas discovers his mother has been replaced by a fern... a monstrous fern! What happened to his mom? Did the fern eat her? Where did this fern come from anyway? Outer space? Will it eat his father too? Will it eat Thomas? Written by graphic novelist Marzena Sowa (Marzi: A Memoir), beautifully painted by rising star Berenika Kołomycka, That Night, a Monster... is a unique all ages children’s comic.

Marzena Sowa is an internationally renowned Polish graphic novelist. Her best known work Marzi—a memoir of Communist Poland through the eyes of a child—has been translated into several languages. She loves dictionaries and cheesecake, hates spiders, and is crazy skateboarder (even if she is not very good!). Marzena lives in Brussels.

Berenika Kołomycka is a cartoonist, sculptor, illustrator. In 2011, she received the Grand Prix at the Łodz International Comics Festival. She lives in Poland.


$14.95 $12.70

Hardcover, 7 x 10, 40 pages, FULL COLOR


that night a monster
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